Web Developer Carlisle

Zen Cart API Integrations

This year we’ve noticed an increase in the number of API integrations that we’ve been asked to carry out in order to synchronise Zen Cart installations with supplier data.

As many online shop owners will know, administration of products and inventory can take up a LOT of your time, and this is time that would be better spent marketing and promoting your online business. Furthermore, there is always the risk of introducing human error when somebody is updating large volumes of data manually.

We’ve been contacted by several customers this year that want to free up their time and ensure that their online inventory is always right up to date with data provided from their suppliers, wholesalers or distributors. As a result we’ve created many API integrations to achieve this, which have made huge differences to these shop owners and their availability.

Once completed, these integrations allow the shop owners to be entirely ‘hands off’ with inventory management as it is 100% automated – if a new category or product appears in their supplier’s data, then the category and product are automatically added to their Zen Cart store; if their supplier no longer stocks a product, this is automatically deleted from their Zen Cart inventory.

If you think that you could benefit from the massive time savings created by automating your inventory, then please get in touch and we can discuss the options!