Rocket Sites Carlisle


Hello! I’m Matt Strickland, director of Rocket Sites Ltd, a web design and development company based in west Cumbria.

I’ve been creating websites for many, many years… and plan to do so for plenty more to come!

From my base just outside of Cockermouth I work with customers all over the county, country and world. My specialist work with Zen Cart has made me a favourite of clients in the USA, Australia and Norway, and much of my WordPress work can be seen just as far afield.

I really love working with clients that have yet to fully embrace the Internet and all of the opportunities that it can offer them and their business. I pride myself on creating custom solutions that allow my clients to save massive amounts of time and let their website do as much of the ‘heavy lifting’ as possible – that may be by automatically synchronising and updating their website stock with data from all of their suppliers every 5 minutes, or simply by capturing customer data via easy to use online forms instead of creating lengthy paper trails.